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Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys "S/t" Deluxe Set (LP,CD,Pint Glass) only $20 SH 184-1

Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys "S/t" is one of my favorite records on the planet, the re-release of Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys’ self-titled album, is LIVE! The album has been released on LP and CD,

If you’ve ever been a fan of the records on Suburban Home, know that this is one of my top 5 favorite records on the planet and I feel like one of the luckiest bastards on the planet to have a hand in its re-release. Listen to the 2 song Streaming Player below and you will see why I am so stoked.

The LP was pressed in an edition of 600 copies (300 on Blue, 300 on Blood Red).

Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys “S/t” was originally released on CD by Lude Boy Records. The album has been out of print for a few years now. I feel very lucky to re-release the album and finally have a copy of the album on vinyl. The Deluxe Set will contain vinyl, CD, Beer and Pint Glass.

Pressing Information

300 on Blue, 300 on Blood Red; the copies on blue were originally supposed to be on white vinyl, but the pressing plant ran out of white.