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Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume 8, "We Are The Kings of This Friday Night" (FREE DOWNLOAD) SH-Mixtape8

Originally inspired by a documentary about Hip Hop Mix Tape culture, we started putting together mix tapes inspired by our artists. With the release of "We Are The Kings of This Friday Night", We have now put together 8 Mix Tapes (some have been put out with the help of others). This mix tape was inspired by the music of Nightmares for a Week who have an album coming out this next week. The resulting 24 song mix has a great mix of Rock, Americana, and Alt-Country. We really hope you like it.

if you are a fan of Nightmares for a Week and/or Suburban Home's Catalog, we are certain you will love this mix tape. If you find a few new acts that are catching your ear, please seek them out, pick up their records, and see them when they hit a town near you. In the end, the whole point of these mix tapes is to share the music that we love and maybe turn you onto an act or two. Thanks for listening.

This mix is available as a free download.

Songs selected by Virgil and Devin.