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The Lusitania "Rain and Rivers" CD

Suburban Home is proud to have adopted El Paso Americana/Alt-Country act, The Lusitania. I first heard about the band when good friend and promoter of the Triple Nickel, Damian Burford, told me about this band that I had to check out. He even went so far as to pass me a copy of their self-released EP and I found myself spinning the record quite a bit. Fast forward a year later and Jim Ward (of Sleepercar, At The Drive In, Sparta) was telling me that he was working with this really great band from his home town called The Lusitania and that if I was interested, I should consider working with him and the band to help get their debut album out and about. Already being a fan of the first EP, I was really excited to hear the new album, a record recorded at Jim Ward's studio, Clap of Thunder Studios. After spending some time with the new album which was released on Jim Ward's label, Civil Defense League Records, I fell in love and worked things out with Jim and the Band to offer my assistance in spreading the word.

The Lusitania are the latest act to be adopted by Suburban Home (past acts include Two Cow Garage and Have Gun Will Travel). I hope that you will consider giving this record a listen and when the Lusitania are touring with and backing Jim Ward this summer, I really hope you come out and see them play.