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Digger Barnes 'Time Has Come' LP (Hometown Caravan Import) HTC 018

Imagine a movie directed by dream team David Lynch and Tarantino. A young couple on their honeymoon is stranded in a spooky desert-motel. The place is run by shady characters and haunted by ghosts. A dead body is found... The whole movie has a strong dark atmosphere combined with sparkling moments of kitsch and black humor. Unfortunately this movie gets lost, just the amazing soundtrack remains - it's composed by DIGGER BARNES.

DIGGER BARNES is a Hamburg (GER) based singer/songwriter, performer and bassplayer (Chuck Ragan, Revival Tour and others). His music is influenced by Desert Rock and Americana. On his september 2009 euro-tour together with Chuck Ragan he will play songs of his new album TIME HAS COME, accompanied by a small backup band.

Pressing Information

1000 on black vinyl with 350g cover by Hometown Caravan in Germany.