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A Life Once Lost 'Iron Gag' LP SH 86-1

Philadelphia, PA rock powerhouse ALOL (A LIFE ONCE LOST) is set to unveil its long-awaited new album, entitled IRON GAG. Set for a September 18, 2007 release, IRON GAG is a strong record by a band nearing an ideal of cohesion. ALOL's ever-catchy, artful assault remains, but the mood is electric, with tracks such as 'Firewater Joyride' revealing the sound of a band that's on the threshold of a much broader audience. Known for flattening clubs with its firepower, ALOL has captured the intensity of its live show on the forthcoming release, the ever-mutating quintet merging continued artistic growth with an intense, wizened roar. The album was self-produced by the band and mastered at West West Side Music by the venerable Alan Douches. "There are a lot of things I wanted to say to a lot of people on this record," ALOL frontman Bob Meadows explains. "It was inspired by a lot of things I've wanted to say but haven't because I had to watch myself. This album's really pissed, and it's very vicious." "The songs are way more fierce," he continues. "There's an element about it that Hunter didn't have, and I think maybe that was because of us recording it ourselves. It was us learning from [Hunter producer and former Anthrax guitarist] Rob Caggiano how to actually approach the songs and my working with [Lamb of God's] Randy Blythe on the vocal production, which taught me how to approach the songs even better. And with all of that working together, we've definitely dished out a record that's going to turn a lot of heads - It's a monster of a release."

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300 on black/grey half/half and 700 on red w/ black splatter vinyl