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Rocky Votolato / Chad Price split 7"

Chad Price and Rocky Votolato become friends when Rocky and Drag the River did some dates together. On that tour, members of Drag the River peformed as Rocky's backing band, and everyone had a great time. As Chad began recording his first solo album, "Smile Sweet Face", we started talking to Rocky about doing a split 7". We actually had been talking about doing a Rocky/Chad under the influence 7", but as talks progressed, Rocky mentioned how much he loved Chad's solo material and how he wanted to do a split 7". The split originally began as 1 song from each artist, but Rocky had a few days in Colorado so I asked him if he wanted to do a cover of a Chad Price song. Chad then did a cover of a Rocky song and this 4 song 7" came together.

The 7" comes with an mp3 download coupon.

Pressing Information

500 pressed on blue vinyl, 500 pressed on black vinyl.