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Wayword Sons (William E Whitmore) / Sam Lowry split 7"

In the fall of 2006, Will and I were on tour with Lucero and Rocky Votolato. Having been friends for a few years and both rolling solo, we decided to ride together and it was over the course of a couple of all day drives that we came up with the idea to do a split 7?, and to do one that was more than just one song by each of us. I think we both gravitated towards doing a murder ballad pretty quickly once we decided to try and make the two sides link up in some way. Once we decided on a murder ballad, we quickly came up with the idea that it would be a love triangle with it unclear which one of us murdered her. I think it was a few days later, we thought of having the chorusof each song be the same, tied around the woman

Pressing Information

500 on blood red vinyl