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Yesterday's Ring "Diamonds in the Ditch" CD (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)


If this band and this release has not shown up on your radar, it is time that you take a minute and experience their new album. Yesterday’s Ring features the members of Fat Wreck recording artist, The Sainte Catherines, and some might call Yesterday’s Ring their Americana alter-ego. That in and of itself sells what YR does short. I would not call this Alt-Country, as I think the songwriting was inspired by so many different styles and songwriters. When I listen to the album, I hear Murder City Devils, I hear Rancid, I hear the Sainte Catherines, I hear Two Cow Garage, and sure there are elements inspired by roots music, but calling it Americana doesn’t tell the full story.

Here is what Alternative Press had to say (4 out of 5 stars), “Diamonds in the Ditch plays out like a whiskey-soaked screenplay, introducing a character who is getting getting the hell out of his Montreal suburb in “Moving Out (to Florida)”. The story unfolds with the simple guitar melodies of sad songs about regret and friends in bad situations before the disc gets to “Moving Back (To Montreal)”. When you take the timeless songs about drinking and life on the road and couple them with the banjos and rollicking guitar squalls, it becomes very clear yesterday’s Ring haven’t become such sad bastards that they’d abandon the punk rock idea completely”.

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