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Druglords Of The Avenues "Sing Songs" LP

Fronted by Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin’ Utters, this debut full length is a dynamic blast of traditional punk rock from the streets of San Francisco! These 13 songs are raw and raucous overall, but listeners will also catch pearls of folk, pub rock, and more. Unlike their contemporaries who rely on charged hair and on-stage posturing, Druglords focus on their craft and deliver superb melodies over truly aggressive chords. For best results, mix with an Irish Whiskey or a Draught!


01. Me Decided Play
02. He Loves
03. Druglords Of The Avenues
04. Staling Breed
05. What Is Good?
06. Where Are You Going?
07. Search Again
08. So Mixed Up
09. Meatballs And Corn Stew
10. There’s Nothing Really Going On
11. My Marina Of Remote Lakes
12. So Called Druglords
13. Untitled

Pressing Information

500 on clear vinyl, 500 on clear blue vinyl