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50 CDs for $50 (plus posters, buttons and other goodies) 50for50

In an effort to make room in our garage and provide you with the very best holiday gift (for you or others), we are bringing back the 50 CDs for $50 deal we used to do. But for this holiday special, we will include other odds and ends that include posters, buttons and other things we have laying around the garage. Some of the artists that will be included in this special include:

Drag the River
Two Cow Garage
Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys
Have Gun Will Travel
Micah Schnabel
Armchair Martian
Jon Snodgrass
Yesterday's Ring
Lizzie Huffman
Austin Lucas
Michael Dean Damron
Useless ID
Josh Small
Tim Barry
Arliss Nancy
Nightmares for a Week
Look Mexico
Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
and many many more.

Pressing Information

Only 50 sets will be sold