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5 LPs for $20! (plus posters) 5LP20

In an effort to make room in our garage and provide you with the very best holiday gift (for you or others), we are bringing you the 5 LPs for $20 deal. You will receive LPs and/or 10"s from Suburban Home Artists as well as ones leftovers from our distribution days. It'll be a great mix of records well worth the price tag. This deal is exclusive to 50 sets only. Act quickly if you want one! Also for this holiday special we will include posters we have laying around the garage.

Some of the artists that will be included in this special:
Tim Barry
The Takers
Sleeping Weather
A Life Once Lost
Druglords of the Avenues (Swingin Utters side project)
Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground
Have Gun Will Travel
Useless ID
See You Next Tuesday
In the Red
Nightmares For A Week
as well as a handful of out of print and rare releases from our past!

Pressing Information

Only 50 sets available. You could probably order 2 or 3 sets before getting doubles.