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Lucero / Drag the River West Coast Tour Silk-Screened Poster

Starting, Friday, November 26th, Lucero and Drag the River will be doing a short tour of the West Coast that will end in Denver, Colorado (on Sunday, December 5th). My good buddy, Alan Peters (of Jupiter Visual) designed and silk-screened a set of 2 posters to commemorate the tour. Limited to around 100 posters (50 of each design), the only place to get these posters is through the Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective store, Jupiter Visual, and from the band's merch table at the shows.

The posters are $20 each or $30 for a set of 2. They will be shipped in a poster tube. The posters measure 8 inches wide / 23 inches long.

Pressing Information

50 Empty Bottle and 50 Full Bottle (there might be a few more made due to printing overruns)