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Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume 1, "Raising Hell & Living Cheap" (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Originally only available as a burned Mix CD, I have decided to offer the mix tape as a free download since I've had questions about the mix tapes that haven't been posted in the store. This mix tape was inspired by Tim Barry's "28th & Stonewall".

Do you remember when you would discover new music by picking up compilation CDs? Long before the internet, Myspace, and Bit Torrent sites, I found out about new bands by picking up compilations like Punk Sucks, Fat Music for Fat People, Punkorama, Mailorder is Fun, and the Misfits of Ska. The internet has pretty much killed the cheapo sampler, but a while back, I found myself reminiscing the discovery of new music through sampler CDs when I watched the documentary, Mixtape, Inc. The documentary followed the mixtape culture prevalent in Hip Hop and discussed the legal grey area in which they exist. Years ago, I used to make mix tapes with friends and send them out with orders and watching this documentary got me excited to do it again. I made a mix tape, had Brandon put together art, and have been burning copies of the mix on our CD burner with hopes of making 1,000 mixtapes.

I’d like to introduce you to the Suburban Home Records’ Mixtape and welcome you to pick up our first volume, “Raising Hell & Living Cheap”. The title was lifted from a lyric in the Tim Barry song, “Thing of the Past” which starts off this mixtape. The first 3 songs are Tim Barry tracks since I used his new album as inspiration for the mixtape. There are 24 songs on this mixtape that test the time constraints of a CDr. Of the 24 tracks about half are from Suburban Home artists. The other half are from artists I love new and old. Take a look at the track listing and you will see what I am talking about.

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